Tuesdays With Dorie: Lenox Almond Biscotti


This week’s Tuesdays With Dorie recipe was Lenox Almond Biscotti, and we liked them a lot. They were softer than the biscotti I’m used to, the kind you have to dunk into coffee or risk breaking your teeth. There’s cornmeal in them, which gives them an interesting texture, and lots of almond extract. I was actually worried about using so much, because most recipes call for just a quarter or half teaspoon, but it worked, and it worked well.

I had some bananas quickly heading toward rot, so I made David Lebovitz‘s Roasted Banana Ice Cream (from Perfect Scoop; if you make ice cream at home, you must acquire this book) to go with the biscotti. We also had some caramel sauce left over from last week’s TWD adventure.


I did not write this post on Saturday, as I usually do (we spent the day in Manhattan! it was fun!), so I don’t have a full family interview this time. (Two are still asleep; one’s getting ready to go to work.) I’ll try to fill in their opinions later,

I did ask #1 Son for his pithy quote last night:

#1 Son: Good almond flavor, chewy texture. Not at all like the biscotti you get in coffee shops, which are as hard as rocks.


Husband: They were a little uneven in terms of their texture, but very tasty. They were brittle on the ends and little toothier in the middle. I prefer them that way, actually. And they were really delicious.

#2 Son: I liked how they were slightly chewy and the almond flavor. They were very good with the ice cream.

So these are a keeper. If you want to try them yourself, head on over to Canela and Comino, where Gretchen has the recipe and quite a few delicious-looking variations. And check out what all the other TWD bloggers did with these at Tuesdays With Dorie. You’ll see all kinds of creative changes to this recipe, I predict.

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SWALLOW. Wow, these biscotti with banana ice cream, I need some right now. But we finished the biscotti already – guess I’ll have to make more. What a wonderful idea you had!

ooh…I recently made the roasted banana ice cream and it would have been perfect with these. Unfortunately, it’s all gone! 😛 Your biscotti look great!

I had the same reactions from my “taste testers”. 🙂 I also really liked that they were more chewy than crunchy. I’m wondering if anyone else ate the rounded ends that had to be cut off before returning them to the oven? Those were Heaven! Your photo is absolutely stunning 🙂

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