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Tuesdays With Dorie: Chocolate Chunkers

I’m late! I always get these posts done by 8 a.m. on Tuesday (well, usually over the weekend, with an automatic post at 8 a.m. on Tuesday). But it was a rough few days around here. I apologize to my thousands of early-bird readers who were disappointed this morning.

This week’s recipe was Chocolate Chunkers, chosen by Claudia of Fool for Food; she’ll have the recipe (in both English and German, most likely!) if you want to try them yourself.

I made these cookies in a rush, which is never a good way to do anything, on Friday morning before a picnic. There were going to be lots of people there, including lots of kids, and I thought it would be nice to have lots of people to eat these things, because otherwise we were going to wind up eating way, way, way too many.

The recipe calls for raisins. Anyone who has read more than a couple of my posts can predict that I left those out, much to the chagrin of #1 Son. I made half as written (using milk chocolate rather than white, because I forgot to buy white, and because I like milk better), except without the raisins, and added shredded sweetened coconut to the other half. Everything’s better with coconut, right?

Turns out, not these cookies. They were great without the coconut, really amazing, and just good with it.

They taste like little brownies, rich and moist and oh-so-chocolatey. All of four of us loved them, and all four of us preferred the non-coconut version (which didn’t prevent us from eating the coconut ones too, mind you!).

These were by far my favorite Dorie cookies so far.

With coconut:


And without:


Try them both ways. See which you prefer.

If you want to see what everyone else did with these, check them out at Tuesdays With Dorie.

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I’m surprised – I would think that coconut would be really good with these. Unfortunately, my waistline is begging that I not take you up on that experiment though…

Sorry you have had so many rough weeks lately, but maybe Dorie’s cookies help somehow? These cookies have enough in them to cure just about anything! Yours look good, and good job trying the coconut. I tried crystallized ginger and it was really good.

Too bad you didn’t really like these with coconut in them, but fortunately you also made them without!! So far these are my favourite ‘Dorie-cookies’!!

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