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Tuesdays With Dorie: Coconut Butter Thins

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Mmm, cookies. I love cookies. The only problem with cookies is that I eat them. And eat them. And eat them. It’s only another cookie — what can it hurt? This week’s Tuesdays With Dorie recipe was Coconut Butter Thins, chosen for us by Jayne of The Barefoot Kitchen Witch. Coconut. Butter. What’s not to […]

Tuesdays With Dorie: Blueberry Crumb Cake

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

I’m back! (Although, sadly, Passover is approaching. I’m hoping the April recipes are posted soon, so I can work ahead.) I don’t like fruit; you all know that. I have actually skipped TWD recipes because they were fruit-based. But my two weeks of slacking guilted me into making this cake, and I am so glad […]

An Irish-ish Meal

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

I promised this post on Tuesday night, but better late than never, I suppose. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we ate Irish (or a facsimile thereof): Irish stew and soda bread (and Guinness for the oldest two male members of the household). Husband couldn’t find lamb in the city or over here, so we […]

And Again, No Tuesdays With Dorie

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

But I bring you another in what seems to be a series of ethnic holiday dishes (although this one, technically, is not my ethnicity, nor is it the ethnicity of anyone on either side of my family, or my husband’s; that’s got to make us pretty unusual.) First, if you want to read about French […]

No Tuesdays With Dorie, but Lovely Hamantaschen Instead!

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

This week’s Tuesdays With Dorie recipe was Lemon Cup Custard, chosen for us by Bridget of The Way the Cookie Crumbles. I didn’t make it. Today is Purim, a Jewish holiday celebrated most significantly, at least for my family, with hamantaschen, and given that we made two batches on two different days, I decided to […]

Tuesdays With Dorie: Chocolate Armagnac Cake

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

This week’s recipe, chosen for us by LyB of And Then I Do the Dishes, did not sound the slightest bit yummy to me. I don’t like fruit. I don’t like alcohol (except for Kahlua and the amazing mudslide mix my father-in-law buys at Christmas). And I’m sick to death of dark chocolate. I wasn’t […]

Snow Day!

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Here in the mid-Atlantic we got our first real snow of the season today. On March 1st. And what’s really sad is that #2 Son, who is almost 12, was overjoyed when he woke up this morning; he thought this was a huge amount of snow. #1 Son remembers — just barely — the Great […]

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